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I Feel Pretty! Princess Cone Prop vs Unicorn Prop

Princess Cone aka a Hennin

Natalie, our friend’s daughter, turned 5 on Tuesday!  We are feeling the excitement as we prepare for a special “Princess Themed” photo booth for her party on Saturday, inspired by a special Tea Time with Natalie at Girly Girlson Scottsdale Rd, we created a Princess Cone.

Side note: LOVED LOVED LOVED Girly Girls!  They were polite, helpful, patient, and fun.  They told cute stories about a fairy that lives there named Sprinkle, highly recommend Tea Time!

Did you know a Princess Cone is called a Hennin? I know I didn’t, googled that snazzy fact to share with you, my fancy friends.

How we did it

  • Taking some fabric purchased for a dollar, LOVE remnant fabric, we cut a triangle out. Eye balling the size is fairly easy.
  • We add some ribbons of various sizes and colors to come out of the top.
  • After folding the triangle in half and pinning the ribbons and fabric in place, we are ready for a quick sew.


  • Sewn inside-out we turn the cone right-side-in and stuff it with Fiberfill.
  • Filled with Fiberfill, we hot glue a fabric circle to the bottom to close up the cone.
  • Taking another fabric circle we glue that on top to hide the mess.
  • Now we decorate it by gluing sparkly white tulle to the bottom, glue a head band, and add a final circle of fabric to HIDE the Mess! Finally, we added some bling because, why not!


Here is the final!

Feeling inspired to make the “I Feel Pretty” stick prop after wearing the headband, going to say, Princess ready!

Unicorn props are out and princess cones are in. Hope you enjoyed Those Photo Booth Girls’ take on a Hennin. Adding a special “I Feel Pretty” sign for sparkle effect. Pink, sparkly, diamond encrusted head band prop to make any princess feel at home.

Side note, came up with, “Make it Pop, Add a Prop” slogan for social media… Thinking we all need more props in our lives!

DIY 2018 Sign for Graduations and Weddings!

After our Peoria Barkfest photo booth event with owners and Pet Photos we had some left over grass materials so we came up with a way to use it!.

Picked up some cardboard numbers at Micheals, spray painted them flat white, then added a Flat clear coat for good measure.  We may just like to spray paint things.  We can discuss this issue in a future blog.

We purchased a thick grass material from Home Depot – off the ginormous roll!

We cut the grass to size, hot glued the painted 2018, and trimmed up the outside.

Then we forced Patti’s Daughter, who happens to be graduating this year to get out of bed and get photo ready to share how the prop came out!

Thanks Matti for getting dressed up for an impromptu photo shoot in the front yard!

Think this turned out awesome – the 8 was pulled off and re-glued a tad lower to appease our OCD.

Here is your buying list:

Artificial Grass, call around to turf companies, they may give you scraps!

Cardboard Letters from Micheals

Flat white spray paint – Flat clear spray paint

Hot glue

Have fun and share your photos of your signs!

Maria’s 21’st Birthday Great Gatsby Theme


Making Props is a labor of Love.  The gold Peacock feather turned out stunning!  We made these props extra thick to last, using Recollections Signature Metallics glitter paper.   Doing a set of props in the same colors helps you use up an entire 12x12 sheet.  We have a Fav white glitter paper but not sure how easy it will be to replace.  It's by Core'dinations, an inkjet printable glitter paper.  We only use it for the white glitter part... Not sure how well it prints.

When making props I highly recommend you paint your prop sticks.  Attention to detail makes it great.

Here is the birthday girl holding her custom prop!

Post #515

Shark Prop

We loved how our Shark Prop turned out. Client was an avid scuba diver and sharks were his fav.  We used 9 different papers to create definition and topped it off with a bit of blood.  My 14 year old stepson would want everyone to know that sharks are good and your odds of being attacked are very low.